Ranboo skin?

28 December, 2022

Ranboo skin?

Many Minecraft content creators love to make a mystery out of their names, faces, and other personal information. Their fans are always eager to learn more about them, which makes their content even more interesting and fun.

Ranboo is a content creator with a mysterious personality. Ranboo started his channel on his own, with no assistance from any of the major names. But he quickly gained recognition from other creators and members the Minecraft community.

Ranboo: Who are you?

Ranboo, a 17-year old Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer from the U.S. On August 13, 2020, Ranboo uploaded his first YouTube video entitled “I decided to go skywars. It was a nightmare”.

Because he is very private about his personal life, there's not much information available. Some fans think his first name is Mark, as it was jokedly revealed by Tubbo in one of Tubbo's Twitch streams.

Ranboo has over 2.2 million YouTube subscribers with just 23 videos. On Twitch, he has more than 2.8 million viewers. Fans can see Ranboo wearing his black and white mask, sunglasses and black and white gloves in his streams and videos.

Ranboo's Minecraft skin

Ranboo's Minecraft skin is known for his black suit and red tie. A golden crown with blue, green and red jewels is also his accessory. The black half of his face has a green-eye, while the red-eye half is white.

He has worn two skins in Dream SMP for special occasions. Ranboo's beach episode skin is beautiful. During the red banquet, he also used a Minecraft skin.

Ranboo's role in the Dream SMP Server

Ranboo stated in his stream that Ranboo would run for President of L'Manberg. Two popular streamers Ph1LzA (and Fundy) raided Ranboo's stream. Dream then invited Ranboo to join his Minecraft server.

Ranboo is a key part of the lore behind Dream SMP, a private multiplayer roleplay server that Dream and GeorgeNotFound created. Ranboo plays the role of an Enderman-half hybrid. His other half is not yet known. He has memory problems and can sometimes forget details from a long time ago.

Ranboo can sometimes enter an “Enderwalk”, a state that is similar to sleepwalking in humans. He ends up helping Dream, the main antagonist on the server, during this state. His character is a mystery. He may have been pushed into an Enderwalking mode by his Enderman state.