Minecraft totems of undying farm

24 January, 2023

Minecraft totems of undying farm

For players playing in Hardcore mode, the totem of Undying is one of Minecraft's most valuable items. Because totems will protect Hardcore Minecraft players from losing their whole world, this is why they are so useful. They are, however, one of the most difficult items in the game to obtain.

There are several ways players can farm totems that will undy their bodies. To avoid losing their gear or even their entire world, players should keep a small supply of totems for undying. Below are some ways players can obtain totems for undying.

How to make a Minecraft farm for the totems and dying

Farm techniques

Although totems of Undying can be difficult to obtain, players can use a few farming methods to make it easier.

The evoker is first and foremost the only mob capable of dropping the totem of undying. Players will need to activate a raid or travel to the location where this mob is spawned.

If you don't want to build a raid farm, Minecraft players can just travel to woodland mansions. These mansions may contain a few evokers that will grant players some totems. A raid farm is required for players who want to obtain a large amount of totems.

Although it may sound daunting to create a raid farm, some Minecrafters have created simple designs that anyone can build.

This video shows how to build the simplest raid farm. It works in Minecraft update 1.16 but also works in 1.17.

This raid farm involves creating an underground village with a villager, a bed, and setting up a trap.

A raid will begin when the player kills a flag-carrying pirate pillager and runs towards the farm. The raid will begin when the player runs to the underground bunker where the pillagers can be funnelled to with flowing water.

The pillagers will be able to see Minecraft players, even evokers. Raids are safer than woodland mansions because more evokers will spawn, which allows for safe collection of the totems of undying.

The player can kill another flag-carrying pirate to end the raid and start another. Hardcore Minecraft players should have an unlimited supply of totems that never die, as death can occur at any time, especially in the event of elytra accidents.