Minecraft servers used to make money?

2 February, 2023

Minecraft servers used to make money?

Minecraft's user base continues to grow even after it was released. Mojang Studios, the developers of Minecraft, have proven that video games aren't popular for more than a few decades.

Over 131 million active Minecraft users were registered in 2020. Minecraft made $415 million in revenue that year. There are many ways to make money with Minecraft.

This article will explain why it is important and offer eight ways to make money.

Minecraft: Why is it so lucrative?

You know how expensive it can be to host and maintain a Minecraft server. It is not feasible to keep a large server running on your own money.

You might also find unexpected expenses that can add up, which could result in large amounts at the end each month. Making money in Minecraft is a great way to make extra income and pay server costs.

How to make money from Minecraft

These eight ideas can help you start a side business or a full-time career.

These ideas will require a deep understanding of Minecraft servers and exceptional skills in order to be successful.

Let's take them all in.

1. Make money with your Minecraft server

You can make money from your Minecraft server hosting experience. Here's how to setup a Minecraft server if you don't have any experience but still want to make money from your Minecraft community.

Your main goal should be to get people to your server regularly. You must be unique to achieve this. This can be done by creating unique structures and game modes.

2. Get involved in the Minecraft Partner Program

Joining the Minecraft Partner Program is a great way to make money with Minecraft. This allows players to share their Minecraft creations and sell them in the in-game marketplace. This idea is perfect for those who enjoy building unique Minecraft items.

Here are some items you can sell through our Partner Program:

You only need to have experience with Minecraft and a passion for it in order to be accepted into the program. You will be admitted to the program if you have a portfolio of your previous Minecraft creations.

3. Twitch Streams Your Gameplay

Chances are, you've seen a few Twitch streams if you're into Minecraft. Because that's where most Minecraft players get their inspiration.

It's every gamer's dream to make it big on Twitch. However, it's not possible for everyone to start making money immediately. Streaming requires many things such as a good computer, a good microphone and camera setup and, most importantly of all, excellent Minecraft skills.

It can be difficult to build a following on Twitch. It's possible to stream if you are consistent and enjoy it.

4. Make a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel, similar to Twitch can provide a few ways for Minecraft players to make some money. It might be easier to build a YouTube audience, especially if you have a viral video.

There are some requirements that you must meet before you can make money on YouTube. It may take some time to reach this goal, but you will need at least 1000 subscribers.

You can promote your channel if you are consistent and make the effort.

You'll need a microphone and video capture software to start recording your Minecraft gameplay. You can also film gameplay footage and upload it to your Youtube channel.

5. Open Donations

You can make money on live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch by accepting tips and donations from viewers. They often offer integrated services, or virtual currencies that viewers can use to make transactions.

Super Chat is Youtube's most popular donation service. Super Chat allows viewers to donate and have their messages displayed on the channel's chat. This makes them more visible.

Twitch uses Bits to make its virtual currency. Viewers can cheer for you and, if you are an affiliate or partner you will get $0.01 per Bit you send. Viewers can also send a message with their donation.

6. Sell Merchandise

You can design characters and visuals for Minecraft and have them printed on clothing, toys, towels and other merchandise.

You can do this by going to Redbubble, a digital print-on demand marketplace where you can upload your artwork and then sell it. Redbubble handles printing, manufacturing and shipping. You just need to create and upload the artwork you want for sale.

To stand out from the rest, make sure your creation is original.

7. Register for a Patreon account

It can be difficult to make money on Youtube and Twitch, especially if you don't have many followers.

If you have some regular viewers who enjoy your streams and regularly tune in, you could ask them to support you on Patreon. Incentives such as exclusive content or other rewards can be offered to incentivize your viewers.

To encourage people to donate, make sure you include a link from your Patreon page in your Twitch profile description.

8. Make Things for People

You can earn money by creating things for others if you are skilled in the game. You will need to create an account on a website that allows you to freelance and Minecraft.

Look at the listings to see if your skills can match those of the top sellers. If you feel confident about your abilities, create your profile.

You can also contact Minecraft server hosts to ask if you need any items built.

This is the best part about it. Most contracts are between $50-$100 for basic build. The pay for more complex builds is higher.


Despite being more than a decade old, Minecraft continues to grow in popularity. Minecraft fans have many players who are still playing the game, and it is still a popular game. It would be a waste to not try to make some extra cash from the game.

Here are eight ways I can help you make money from your Minecraft account. Let's recap:

There is no quick or easy way to make money with Minecraft. These ideas require passion and dedication. You can succeed if you put in enough effort. Good luck!